What is Courage vs. Bravery with Donna Sagar Cowan


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Donna is a bright light and shows us that there are many lives and chapters to be lived after leaving an abusive situation. As she shares in this episode, Donna has made her way out the other side of multiple abusive relationships always with more resilience, a fresh perspective, and never allowing herself to settle into a "less than" or undeserving mindset.

Her life serves as an example of what's possible for all of us if we keep dreaming and fall into the stuck zone spending too much time around people who pull us down. After 40 years of writing and storytelling, Donna's first published book, With The Courage Of A Mouse, is out and enjoying positive acclaim. She did it and there will be more books to come.

As the youngest child in a large family, Donna felt lost in the crowd. She entertained herself by making up stories and friends to play with. By age 5, Donna had taught herself to read, and that began her imaginative journey to dreamy castles with princes and fairy godmothers. Donna is a grandmother, random fact-finder, and encourager. And yes, she believes she's a superhero. She resides in California with her family and four cats.

Key points in this episode:
  • Everyone has it within them to find their superpower.
  • Bravery vs. Courage. What's the difference and how Donna's perspective on this relates to the title of her book.
  • Do not compare yourself to other people. Do not discount the fact that you made an effort to move forward today. Your consistent effort daily is something to celebrate in itself.

Mother's Day thoughts...

Donna mentions celebrating single mothers and acknowledging difficult circumstances that are very real and how single moms are sacrificing for their children.

Mentioned in this episode....

Donna's Website https://www.donnasagercowan.com

Donna does school/author visits https://donnasagercowan.com/school%2Fauthor-visits

With The Courage Of A Mouse (on Amazon) https://amzn.to/2HugOfD

Donna’s official website and social channels  Website: www.DonnaSagerCowan.com  Facebook: @DonnaSagerCowanAuthor  Instagram: @Catt.TheCat  Twitter: @DonnaSagerCowa1

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