Compromising your calling interview w/ Demetria Stallings


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A speaker and worship leader whose love of people has taken her all over the world. Her fiery disposition is only matched by her generous spirit. As she sees it, everyone has a gift, and everyone belongs - that is what she practices, and that is what she preaches.

From helping establish prophetic schools and assisting healing ministry overseas to pouring into the lives of young women, Demetria has made her life about showing others God's redeeming love. She connects with the souls of others, reveals the hearts of people in the limelight through TV interviews, and allows others to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit through a prophetic worship experience. Her non-profit organization, Letters of the Heart, helps other organizations develop projects in underrepresented communities.

Demetria earned her B.A. in English at Bridgewater College. From there, she went on to study mentoring and coaching at Regent University, where she graduated with a masters degree in Practical Theology. Soon after, she got involved with her community, focusing her attention on the development of a private school and therapeutic foster care. In 2008, Demetria joined the Christian Broadcasting Network as a regular worship leader and co-host for their internationally broadcasted show, The Spiritual Gifts Webcast, now called 700 Club Interactive. Demetria is currently a producer for 700 Club and 700 Club Interactive.

Music is her outlet, however worship is her lifestyle. Demetria’s latest CD, Letters of the Heart, expresses the love and hope that is found in Christ. The CD is available for purchase on all digital outlets.

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