A Review of Seaspiracy


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Have you seen the new Netflix documentary Seaspiracy? Created by the same crew of the 2014 documentary Cowspiracy and directed by Ali Tabrizi, this new film focuses on our oceans and the destruction we are causing to sea animals.

David and I watched Seaspiracy separately so that we wouldn't influence each other's opinion on this new documentary. During this episode, you'll learn our thoughts on this film, how it affected us, and what we learned.

The Seaspiracy documentary drives home the heartbreaking facts about the relentless harm caused by the fishing industry. This long ignored industry causes the death of countless sea animals whether intentionally or inadvertently. And you'll learn some shocking facts as you watch this documentary. Like that there are 150 million tons of garbage floating in our oceans or that more sea turtles are murdered by fishing nets than by plastic in our oceans.

We encourage everyone to watch Seaspiracy, especially with your pescetarian friends. To learn more about this new Netflix documentary, visit their website here.

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