A Vegan Tattoo Artist - Interview with Danielle Distefano


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In Episode #24, we interview Danielle Distefano, co-owner and vegan tattoo artist at Only You Tattoo Shop in Atlanta, Georgia! Whenever someone asks about a vegan tattoo artist in the area, Danielle’s name always comes up. And for good reason! She's a talented artist and a vegan so of course we had to interview her! We know you are all going to love this episode.

We sat down (thanks to Zoom!) with Danielle and talked about her life as a female vegan tattoo artist who's also a mother, a business owner, a wife, and an animal rights activist. She truly does it all and without harming a single animal! You will definitely leave this episode inspired by Danielle.

Vegan Tattoos

Danielle will make you think about veganism and tattooing in ways you hadn't before. There are definitely aspects of getting tattooed that you haven't thought about not being vegan. Danielle provides information that will make your next tattoo appointment a cruelty-free experience without animal products of any kind.

Life As A Vegan

In this episode, we also discussed Danielle's Why - the reason she went vegan. We love finding out why people go vegan because we hope their reasons help encourage our listeners. Listen to this episode to hear some good tips for new vegans, Danielle's favorite vegan meals, and so much more.

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