CBD & Medicinal Gardening - Interview with Barb Webb


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Episode #26 is full of helpful information about CBD, medicinal gardening, and how to use plants to help with anxiety and sleep issues. All thanks to award winning author Barb Webb! In this episode, we interview Barb about her upcoming book, Getting Baked: Everything You Need To Know About Hemp, CBD, and Medicinal Gardening. Scheduled for release on April 13, this helpful book is a fun guide to navigating "hemp culture, create your own medicinal herb garden and integrate natural remedies seamlessly" into your current lifestyle.


There are a lot of misconceptions about CBD. In this episode, Barb helps us digest what exactly CBD is and what to look for when shopping for it. She even shares a quick, helpful tip that will make it much easier to verify the authenticity of the company.

If you suffer from anxiety and sleep issues, CBD can be super helpful. Barb explains why and how important it is to properly take the substance.

Medicinal Gardening

We also chatted with Barb about the basics of medicinal gardening. She offers tips for anyone interested in starting their own beginner's medicinal garden. There are many medicinal herbs that can help with your daily aliments including anxiety, depression, and sleep issues. Whether you live in an apartment or a home, Barb explains how anyone can start a garden that grows helpful, medicinal herbs.

The information Barb shares in this episode is so incredibly helpful!

If you're interested in more information, contact Barb Webb at ruralmom.com and on Instagram @barb_webb.

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