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In Episode #23, we talk about some of our favorite, easy vegan meal ideas. Over the recent weekend, we got together in a safe, social distance way and exchanged meals that we made for each other. It was a joy to see each other and even more so, to feed each other!

Vegan Meal Ideas

Taking into consideration meals we have shown interest in, we each picked recipes that the other wouldn't normally make for themselves. Meg picked a recipe for David that she has made for many get togethers in the past but by some luck, David has never tried it. And David choose a recipe that included an ingredient that Meg never attempts to cook.

Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie is one of Meg's favorite vegan meal suggestions. The base of Meg's recipe includes meatless crumbles. You can choose the brand of your choice but Meg usually picks the cheapest option available. Lentils are also a delicious added bonus to the meatless base. While you're in the frozen area, grab a few bags of vegetables. Meg usually includes a corn, carrot, green bean combo and this time she added some spinach and zucchini. The more veggies, the better in this vegan meal!

Next make your favorite vegan mashed potatoes. Meg makes hers with vegan butter, cashew milk, and a tiny bit of vegan mayo to create the creamiest mashed potatoes. Mix the meatless base and veggies together. You can add vegan cheese as well! Top it with the mashed potatoes and heat the dish up in the oven for 15-20 minutes. This comfort food is a vegan meal to drool over and David loved it! You will as well!

Seitan Ribs, Air Fryer Tofu, and More!

David made a vegan meal that made Meg squeal with excitement. He started with some amazing seitan ribs grilled to perfection that Meg fell head over heels in love with! And he didn't stop there. Using Trader Joe's chicken-less spice mix, David also created some perfectly seasoned, crispy tofu bites. His tip is to use extra firm tofu to get the best results with these air fried bites. They were perfection! David also made roasted sweet potatoes and grilled romaine lettuce creating a well balanced, super flavorful, and highly nutritious meal. He drizzled a spicy Caesar dressing on the lettuce that added a lovely kick to the meal.

As we continued to chat, a few more recipes popped up in conversation that we know you're going to love. These vegan meal ideas are ones we have tried before and return to over and over again. And we hope they help you continue to try new things and create delicious, unique meals.

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