Episode 225 - 2019 Halloween Special! (w/ArtNineTwo)


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It's that time of year again when the ghouls come out to play, the creatures of the nights emerge from the darkness, and the ACP spend a show talking about horror for the yearly Halloween Special! This time around they are joined by Damian and H of ArtNineTwo studios to talk about all things horror comics, field questions from listeners, recommend some awesome indie comics and Dan Butcher reveals his narration chops when announcing the latest competition guest!

Great stuff to check out this week - ArtNineTwo, Damian Edwardson, Pencilling the J, Pre-Mortis, Fiends of the Eastern Front, Arkham Asylum, The Forbidden Brides, Shane Oakley, In Waves, AJ Dungo, Women Do Not Creep by Daylight, Vera Greentea, The Living and the Dead, Fantagraphics, Thought Bubble 2019


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