Making Change


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I don’t like change—I prefer bills or credit cards. Though, I dislike change. I like things the way they are. With no disturbance to the existing state of affairs. The last year though I’ve been making many changes. Some of these changes include realizing I’m non-binary and not male. Deciding to step back from some podcasts. Starting back up on my college courses. Changing up my streaming schedule. Most recently I changed FrazlCast to now being every other week. These changes come with consequences. Having to put boundaries on things that mean a lot to me. Not being able to “do it all!”
Change is an inevitable part of life. We can stay with what we know, but in reality it is important to make changes. If we don’t make changes when it’s necessary, we may burn out and not be at our top quality for what we do. When I come back after my scheduled off-days, I’m much more on my game. What changes do you need to make in your life? It won’t be easy, but it’ll be good.
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