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I’m sitting here twirling my hair in my hands as I write this. It’s not growing as fast I’d want. I want the long flowing locks of hair going down to my butt, being able to have a ponytail or drape it over my shoulders. Growth takes time, even with a supplement like Biotin.
What areas in our lives do we need to sit and wait for growth? I want to see my podcasts, YouTube channel and Twitch streams grow further. I see others’ hair, Twitch streams, etc and I muse “One day I want to resemble that!”
My bestie Amanda helped me to see that I need to rest in the now. Enjoying what I have. Pursuing happiness in growth means I forgo the happiness of the journey. My hair is down to my shoulders, my stream isn’t at “partner status”, but I ALREADY enjoy what I have. I need to wait. Keep loving my hair, keep loving my stream, YouTube channel and podcasts. The same I know is true of stuff in your life right now.
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