Ep. 2.m4 // Collateral Damage // Part 4


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Just as Marrk and Tony were pulling the Captain into the cargo bay, the Screw was hit by a derelict Pirate fighter and a large mass of shrapnel. Jasska is desperately attempting to rouse them and as they come to, they discover the Captain is again drifting away from them. Will their hastily formed plan to rescue the Captain work before he is out of reach?

CreditsWritten and Produced by Michael Curtis and Tim Ramaekers.Mixed and Edited by Michael Curtis

MusicThe Departure by Caleb EthridgeLights Out by Tru GenesisValkyrie by Kevin GrahamAll via www.Soundstripe.com

CastJasska is Serina StilwellThe Captain and Marrk are Jack TyradesTony is Michael Curtis

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