Make Kanye Great Again, Human Sized Bats and Carole Baskin's Very Fishy Cameos?


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The 2020 To Do List:

  • Bush Fires
  • Coronavirus
  • Murder Hornets
  • Bubonic Plague
  • Human Sized Bats
  • Bats With Dog Heads (?)
  • Aliens
  • WW3
  • TikTok Banned????

NOOOO THANK YOUUUU!!! CYYYAAAA!!! EJECTING OUT OF EARTH!!! So, obviously every week seems to kick off just a little more than the last right? At least we can still have a laugh...eeerrrmm...right?!?

Is this the very last time we sing songs about Pauline Hanson? Why is the 'Black Death' returned 1346? Could one lady bring down America's most rich and powerful? And why is Tesla selling booty shorty shorts for the hot price pf $69.420? IT'S LITERALLY ALL KICKING OFF

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