China - Friend, Enemy, or Frenemy: The Tim Milosch Interview


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In this episode of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle talk to professor Tim Milosch about China and international politics. Tim Milosch is an adjunct professor of communication studies, teaching world politics at Biola University, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in political science studies at Claremont Graduate University. Did the virus start from someone eating some bad bat soup? Is the Great Wall really that great? Are the Chinese a bunch of filthy commies? Who is General Tso? Find out by watching this new episode!

You can hear more from Tim on his podcast Tim Talks Politics.

Topics Discussed

  • Which jokes are not racist?
  • Who is General Tso?
  • The origins of the coronavirus
  • Who are the Chinese Communist Party?
  • China’s handling of its neighbors in the South Sea and refusal to recognize independence for Taiwan or Hong Kong
  • China making fake islands
  • Chinese propaganda
  • China cracking down on churches, demolishing buildings, arresting Christians

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Kyle and Ethan subject Tim Milosch to the ten questions and we find out if there is a Roman Catholic Carman!

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