The Voice Of The Babylon Bee: The Dave DeAndrea Interview


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Editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle get an exclusive interview with the world famous voice of the Babylon Bee: Dave DeAndrea. After realizing he was not going anywhere in the breakdancing world, Dave found his true calling by putting his golden vocal chords to work. Dave entered the world of Christian music radio and he has translated his talents into a successful, full-time, international career as a voice actor and producer. You know him from such great hits as “Flowerbed” and the intros and outros to the Babylon Bee Podcast which generate more praise than any other element of the show. Here is your chance to listen to an entire episode with that dreamy golden voice filling your ear canals like warm mashed potatoes dripping from a wooden spoon.

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Topics Discussed

  • Dave DeAndrea’s story and how he got into Christian radio and voice acting

  • Breakdancing with a mullet

  • Christian music radio

  • How Ethan and Dave go way back

  • Dave meets Cynthia

  • Dave dramatically reads hate mail

  • Dave’s Christian Testimony

  • Adoption

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Bonus Audio - From David D’s 90s Christian radio days on The Cutting Edge

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