BPP 513 – The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father


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This is one of the most interesting episodes in the season, and perhaps the entire series. We get a chance to look in on what Bester’s life as a Psi Cop is like, as two interns are assigned to him as he works an unusual case: it seems a Psi Corps student has gone mad, has killed someone, and is now on the run. He’s no ordinary student and we watch Bester have to manage his interns while he pursues a truly dangerous individual. This may be the only episode where we see Bester show genuine concern and unease about something.

We watch one of Bester’s students lose his life and the other develop a crush on Mr. Bester as they work together. In the end the case is cracked and “justice” is served…justice in a way that may parallel the storyline about the Ranger cadet in Learning Curve.

The end of the episode is uncomfortably dark, and it ends the significant storyline of the telepaths that has run through all five seasons.

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