Episode 62 - Production Talk (Part 1): Character Development, Visuals, Etiquette, and More


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The BSB are back and with a little different approach this week. We are talking about the production aspect of the show in various facets with an open-ended format. No specific show, no specific promotion, no specific characters but rather the template of independent wrestling. Trent & Basil look at character development within and independent wrestling promotion as well as the visual aspect and how important that is to every moment of the show's presentation and finally backstage etiquette and how all of these aspects relate to one another to cover one area of the show. Stay tuned for part 2! But in the meantime enjoy this and more on this week's episode of The Backstage Boys Podcast! CONNECT WITH THE BACKSTAGE BOYS: Twitter - www.twitter.com/THEBSBSHOW Facebook - www.facebook.com/THEBSBSHOW Basil’s Twitter - www.twitter.com/beezzzzy Trent’s Twitter - www.twitter.com/vanillajoke Nate's Twitter - www.twitter.com/refnatespeckman Basil’s Photo Site - www.basilmahmud.com Total Nonstop Impact Podcast - www.twitter.com/wetalkimpact Trent's Band: www.hemimusic.com

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