Crypto Mashup at World Crypto Con: Part 1


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As we’ve been spending the week in Las Vegas for Vegas Blockchain Week and we’ve had opportunities to speak to so many blockchain-minded people. In fact we’ve got so much great content that the next 3 episodes will feature interviews from World Crypto Con.
Today’s show is a mashup of personalities and opinions you don’t want to miss. The Divine Doctor M does some technological alchemy and drops some seriously profound knowledge. Kenn Bosak drops in to encourage crypto enthusiasts to stop hodling and start spending. Tron Black of Ravencoin gives us the latest updates from his team. And Justin Renken from is back to share progress on their easy-to-use blockchain builder.
It’s Las Vegas and crypto without the cigarette smoke and penny slots. But its still slots of fun. Get it?
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1. Ken Bosak (00:03:12)

2. Dr. Mihaela Ulieru (00:13:50)

3. Justin Renken of (00:27:10)

4. Tron Black of Ravencoin (00:34:32)

5. Wrap-Up (00:42:52)

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