Microstrategy Owns ½ Percent of All Bitcoin - Bad News For June 24th


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Microstrategy Owns ½ Percent of All Bitcoin - Bad News For June 24th

Bitcoin has bounced back $5000 on some news or rumors. Microstrategy now owns over 100,000 Bitcoins. And Chris Giancarlo, former Chairman of the CFTC, says the US risks becoming “backwater” without a central digital currency.

One Ethereum options trader lost $3 million in a trade gone bad. That’s just a few of many stories we’ll be covering today.

In a special crypto spotlight segment, we feature the FreeTon project. You’ll discover the good that has come from the SEC’s shutdown of the Telegram TON ICO.

But first, we wish to note that we do today’s show with heavy hearts. News broke on Wednesday that software pioneer and friend of this show, John McAfee, has died at the age of 75. Today’s moment of silence in the upcoming gap is dedicated to Johnny, with nothing but love and sympathy for his wife Janice.

This is our Bad News episode #526 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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