#41 The Other Woman - A Listener Discovers Her Husband Got Another Woman Pregnant


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On the show today we welcome Geanni, who is here to tell us all about her personal story and how she found out that her husband had got another woman pregnant while they were still married. This sort of situation is understandably distressing, but Geannie has a great perspective on it and offers amazing advice and insight that she has learned along the way. She gives us some of the backstory of how her and her husband got together and the marriage before explaining the period in which the infidelity came to light. She talks about her commitment to the marriage and how they actually managed to get over the issue for a period before the relationship ended. She also goes into her feelings on their relationship currently, how they share a child and the parenting process for her. For all of this and a fascinating interview from Geannie, be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode
  • Some personal background on Geannie.
  • Meeting her husband in high school and getting to know him.
  • The proposal and getting married soon after school.
  • Confronting her husband about her suspicions.
  • Reconciling after the initial separation and the role of Geannie’s spirituality in this.
  • Geannie’s husband’s fears of pregnancy with the other women.
  • The decision to try and overcome this massive hurdle and the difficult first year.
  • Geannie’s current relationship with her husband and the family they have.
  • Advice from Geannie to listeners in a similar situation.
  • Geannie’s contact with her husband’s child and the mother.
  • And much more!

“We started dating early in 2006 and that was my senior year in high school. It was his junior year in high school. We were married in October of 2007.” — Geannie [0:03:32]

“I just kept digging until I found something and so when I accused him, when I finally went to him, he denied it.” — Geannie [0:08:30]

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