Ep. 131: Just Like Us, Except Minus the Plus


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Barbie loves Star Wars, 501st logo controversies, and some big Disney+ news! Here's what happens:

    Who Got What? leads into some talk about what we want to get, which is the special edition Barbies! Luke talks some Fantasy Football stuff. Eric said he would edit it out. I guess he missed it. A guy made some art for the Fandom Menace movement based on the logo of the 501st Legion. Stuff happened. Unpleasant stuff that wasn't handled so well. Disney+ is coming soon, but not as soon in some places as in others? It looks like the Obi-Wan series rumors are finally getting some wind behind them. Could this be the one? The trailer for the second and FINAL season of Star Wars Resistance came out last week. It looks amazing! I'm not sure we're ready for it to already be the last season though. Check out Nathan Hamill's (@NathanHamill) art and get some t-shirts at nathanhamill.threadless.com! Dig the show? Support our podcast on Patreon! Go to patreon.com/thebadmotivators to find out more. Thanks for being awesome.

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