YOUR AUTOPILOT BRAIN IS KILLING YOUR HEALTH | How To Prevent Holiday Binging | Stay Healthy Through The Holidays | Chelsea Uithoven Health & Confidence Coach


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Health Coach Chelsea Uithoven (@brightlightchels) is a health and confidence coach and the creator of the Vibrancy Guide, a program for women who want to improve their confidence and mindset to take back control of their health.

  • How her own health journey began with obsession, binging, and restriction
  • How she's combining mindset and confidence work with health coaching to transform her clients
  • How affirmations can help you shift your beliefs around body image or dieting
  • How thought loops are actually habit loops
  • How to break the habit of binging
  • How your brain on autopilot is sabotaging your health
  • How knowing how your brain works can help you stop the binge cycle
  • How food and dating are related
  • How to deal with holiday eating peer pressure
  • How to prevent food guilt and overindulging
  • Why celebrating your health milestones helps you stay the course

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