129. Raising Good Humans with The Mindful Mama – Hunter Clarke-Fields


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Have you ever reacted to your child’s or student’s behaviour in the heat of the moment then wished you would have handled the situation differently? In this episode of The Balanced Educator Podcast, we’re interviewing Hunter Clarke-Fields, host of The Mindful Mama Podcast and author of the book Raising Good Humans about mindful parenting.

Hunter shares how she transformed her reactive parenting style which was leading to more conflicts and tantrums to mindful parenting which created more peace in her family. She talks about how to cultivate a mindfulness practice as a parent and how it leads to more skillful interactions with your children.

Hunter shares how to be okay with making mistakes as a parent and how self-compassion leads to growth. She coaches on how to handle big emotions and tantrums more effectively with less stress and judgement.

Finally, Hunter gives expert advice on managing conflicts between siblings.

Whether you’re a parent, an educator or both, this conversation will help you to interact with children with less conflict and more grace.

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