135. How to Create a Safe Space Where Kids From all Cultures Feel Valued with Noreen Sibanda


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Talking about racism can feel scary.

Especially when we don’t want to offend or say the wrong thing.

However, this fear can hold us back from learning how to support all of our students in their unique needs.

In this episode of The Balanced Educator Podcast, we’ve invited Noreen Sibanda, a Provisional Psychologist, to teach us how to create safe spaces where kids from all cultures feel valued.

Kailey asks Noreen questions that have been on her heart this year as she’s been learning more about systemic racism and white privilege. Noreen talks about how to help immigrant students in our classroom feel valued and supported. She explains how language and cultural perspectives of mental health and spirituality can differ and how to be inclusive when we discuss mental health.

Noreen encourages us to be curious about different cultures and to take the time to ask questions to learn more about our all of our students’ lived experiences without making assumptions.


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