From Left To Right And Meeting In The Middle with John Duffy


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One’s destiny does not depend on one’s wealth. It is neither measured by the amount of money that one has in his or her pocket. It is how one chooses to live his or her life. Film producer, director, professor and motivational speaker John Duffy shares the profound sense of enlightenment that he gained from his vast journey of twists and turns that he has gone through in life. From being a high school dropout, he has overcome the odds to become a successful Hollywood producer and professor. John takes us into his past where he was involved with revolution, getting disillusioned, finding a mentor in the person of Tony Robbins, being in Hollywood and the military, and all experiences he has gone through that honed his amazing uniqueness. Learn from his story’s powerful message and get absorbed into the depth of his wisdom as he pays respect to the American dream that his parents gave him.

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