B&EP #119 - Consciously Changing Your Process to Find Inspiration


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The B&E Podcast #119 “Consciously Changing Your Process to Find Inspiration” Soundcloud Link: soundcloud.com/thebandepodcast SUMMARY OF THE PODCAST: Change is an unavoidable force in our lives so it's strange we spend so much time resisting it. How can we become friends with this force and unlock all of its potential? There's plenty of inspiration to be found by being a part of change in your life and it doesn't have to be massive. POINT #1: “INTERESTING FOR INTERESTING" -If we're making an interesting choice or change for its own sake we'll find ourselves running into some big obstacles. If we get locked into an idea of what we think is interesting, we stop exploring even if it's not working or coming from a genuine place. Follow an interesting idea and see what kind of inspiration comes from it. POINT #2: “CHANGE IS ALWAYS A WIN" -Whenever we make some kind of change, it's always a win. The act of change itself is a win. It breaks us out of our comfortable patterns and creates room for new perspectives. Letting go of what we think we want as the outcome is key to discovering all of the benefits. POINT #3: "DECIDE TO BE PART OF CHANGE" -Change is going to happen. It's happening around us and it's happening inside us. It is movement. Movement is life. Learn to be a part of the flow of change in your life, trust, even when it's uncomfortable, and discover how to make decisions within that change. MENTIONS IN THIS PODCAST: Main Street Brewing (Witches Brew Schwarzbier) – Today’s Craft Brewery "The Art of Listening" (Documentary) - Emmanuel Moran, Michael Coleman VALUABLE LINKS: http://www.TheBandEPodcast.com – The Official Website http://www.mainstreetbeer.ca – Brewery of Choice Today http://www.BCFilmAcademy.com – The BC Film Academy http://www.ThePlayersCreativeCompany.com – Acting School

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