Jumping Fences with Tanner, Jared & Annaliese


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It's time for Gate-gate! The fence jump we’ve been waiting for ALL SEASON is finally here, and it’s probably the craziest episode in Bachelor history.

We break down what led to Cassie's shocking departure, and hear the moments Chris Harrsion had to go looking for Colton like a lost dog. Ashley has some theories about what actually went down with Tayshia in the fantasy suite.

Tanner Tolbert is a tried and true Bachelor fanboy, and he stops by to tell us he never thought things would go so haywire with Colton. And he opens up about Jade’s miscarriage after she got pregnant in Paradise, and how their plans totally changed after that. Then Jared hops on, because he’s done a serious deep dive into past episodes of this season and has some serious thoughts on how things went down with Cassie.

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