Ep. 886 | 🇺🇸 The Real American Heroes 🇺🇸 | ✊🏿Angry Black Men and Women ✊🏿 | ☮️Peace or Progress ☮️


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🇺🇸 The Real American Heroes 🇺🇸
It is important that we do not allow the propaganda machine of the ruling elite to dictate to us who are the real Americans. They will always define "real Americans" as those people who do their bidding. But the real American heroes and heroines are the protestors in the streets laying their lives on the line to break this police state!
✊🏿Angry Black Men and Women ✊🏿
All our lives, Black people have been told NOT to be seen as "angry black men" or "angry black women." This is because the rulers of this nation understand that it is the righteous indignation and anger of the People that gives us the ability to change this system. And who has more of a right to their anger than Black people? Yes, we are angry. And our anger will change this nation for the betterment of all people.
☮️Peace or Progress ☮️
We do not want to sacrifice peace for progress. But we WILL NOT sacrifice progress for peace.

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