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Donna and Micky Maddin walk and talk in Metro-Detroit.

Being Close with Michael Franti - https://bestadvice.show/episodes/2020618_being-close-with-michael-franti/

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ZAK: Donna and Mickey Maddin have been married for a long time.

DONNA: 53 years.

ZAK: They raised four children together. And it wasn't until after their kids moved out of the house, that they started their almost daily ritual of taking a morning walk together.

DONNA: Every morning we gout out between 7 and maybe 8:15 at the latest.

MICKEY: And frankly when would any couple have almost an hour of time to talk to each other. It almost never happens. So it's a wonderful thing and it's a wonderful way to community with each other about what's important to each other and what's important as family.

ZAK: And that's their advice to any busy couple. If you can find the time, get out the house, move around and listen to one another.

DONNA: This gave us a whole new direction to go in and to just really explore life and enjoy each other company and get some really good exercise.

ZAK: Thank you Mickey and Donna. I love this advice. I think episode goes really nicely with Michael Franti's relationship advice.

MICHAEL FRANTI: There's one phrase that we always go to, and it's do you want to be right or do you want to be close.

ZAK: I posted his entire episode in the show notes. You've been listening to The Best Advice Show.

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