Episode 517 - Win the Day with Coach Chris Celano


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Join us and "win the day" with host Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and special guest Coach Chris Celano. Coach Celano is the head baseball coach for the New Haven Chargers, as well as host of his own show, The Take it Deep Podcast. So many of us are feeling completely or partially displaced. On our show, we're going to talk about what that means and how we can adjust our thinking, mindset and actions to facilitate being our best during this time. We are all having great days, good days, bad days and terrible days - how can we balance the up and down and unknown so we win each day? What does "win the day" mean to you We hope you will join us for our show and chime in by calling us at 646-787-8537. Press 1. We will also have a live chat during the show if you would prefer to send us questions and comments via chat.

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