S2 E3: Confidence Intervals In A Game Of Centimeters


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The Best General is a podcast produced by Adam Abramowicz, about a man in his mid-30s pursuing a decades long love affair with a tabletop war game and his quest to become a grand tournament winner. The Best General begins in the lead-up to the 2017 Warzone: Atlanta tournament featuring an ensemble cast of characters that includes gaming friends, tournament celebrities and champions as well as Adam’s opponents at the world’s greatest events in his often times hilarious pursuit to win Warzone: Atlanta, 2019.

In Season 2, Episode 3, Adam learns how to be more confident with his opponents from none-other-than Geoff “InControl” Robinson after his disappointing 3-2 finish at The Landmass GT. We also make up for lost time, as Team USA Captain Sean Nayden stops in to discuss some big news for Adam.

Theme song produced and performed by Preach Jacobs, check out his album Arrow Of God by Analog on iTunes, today!

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