#36 Is Demi The New Corinne? Ft. Sean and Catherine Lowe


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Kay and Derek are back and talking about The Bachelor going to Singapore. They talk about the high-pitched scream from Colton during his bungee jump. Is that the same sound he’ll make when he finally gets to the fantasy suite? At 17:00 they touch upon the serious conversation Caelynn had with Colton during their one-on-one date. Then they discuss the non-apology that took place between the two pageant girls. At 22:00 they dive into the showdown between Demi and Courtney. Was it fair to call Courtney the cancer of the house? At 24:40 they hand out their “Cringe Harrison Award” winners of the week and each make a bold prediction. Which host is right about who will be the next Bachelorette? At 32:00 Kay is joined by Sean and Catherine Lowe to talk about married life after falling in love on The Bachelor Season 17. They share their guilty pleasures and weigh in on the current Bachelor season.

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