What Happens When We Are Compelled to Change with Alison Faulkner


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Alison Faulkner joins Ashlynn and Coby on this episode to share her personal experience of being compelled to change and what the outcome was. Her story parallels the lives of so many who deal with addiction and betrayal in that a life-changing can compel a person to slow down but what can that mean and what are the potential takeaways from such hardship.

Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show has made a career doing whatever she feels like doing. But it always involves finding ways to feel awesome and help others feel awesome too.

Alison is a branding and events expert with a highly engaged online community. She hosts an iTunes top 100 podcast with her music producer hubby called Awesome with Alison. And founded Alison's Brand School which has helped thousands through workshops and online courses that empower entrepreneurs with heart to build a brand that can support their dreams.

She collaborates and consults with Fortune 500 companies and believes in love, dancing inappropriately, and putting your own name in lights.

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The Betrayed, The Addicted, and the Expert is a podcast that started out as an opportunity to open up the discussion of how to move forward after infidelity, or an affair. We discuss the heavy stuff and share Coby and Ashlynn's real-life experience of recovery after sex addiction and betrayal trauma. All this is done alongside an expert in sex addiction Brannon Patrick.

Whether you are struggling with the super heavy stuff of broken trust in your relationship, or if you just want to improve your communication and create better connection, this podcast will give you so much of what you are looking for.

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