God's Making me BETTER!


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Life made better series. God is making me better! John 9:1-13 I’m convinced that becoming Better is a progressive process, that does not happen over night, in most cases but does happen to and for those committed to their better. It’s a know fact that when you want be become strong in a certain area of life, you must confront your weakness in that area. So then it’s in times of challenge that we truly find change! No challenge, no change No challenge, no Change. Life has to challenge you, for the Better you to step up. if your going to overcome where you are. Better Life Principles: [ ] Better Life Priciple #1 - See things as they are but not worst, then they are. (John 9:3) [ ] Better Life Priciple #2 - See things better, then they are( John 9:4) [ ] Better Life Priciple #3 - Make things the way, you see them. ( John 9:7) - Take action now --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/BetterLifeology/support

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