Praying for results, how to see results when you pray. w/Pastor A.L.Blue


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When praying its important to understand the level of your awareness equals your manifestation.

when you know how to pray correctly God responds immediately.

our emotions in prayer don't move God our faith does!

3 Points to ponder:

1*Information -

speaking in agreement with God. knowing that all things are possible to them that believe being aware of your rights as a child of God i.e. a Believer.


Praying the will of God, proving God according what he said!

3*Demonstration -

This is the manifestation stage where by we live, operate, carry ourselves as if its already done. you are no longer asking at this stage you are now maintaining the energy level that its already done.

Mark 9:23

1 john 5:14-15

2 peter 3:9

Matthew 6:25-33

2 peter 1:3

Josua 1:8

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