The refiner and the Fire🔥 - Pastor A.L.Blue


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in this episode you will learn This is 3 step process of the next level achievement. Separation, preparation elevation. You got understand that even though you’re in the fire God is the one who controls the temperature, the fire is the circumstance and the refiner is God. God uses the fire to make you better than you were before its not about what happens, its how you respond to what happens. 4 things the fire does: *Purify - remove contaminants from.clean,clense disinfect. *Processes - a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. I.e ... its Step by step process whereby a task is accomplished. Abc, 123. *Protects- keep safe from harm or injury. Safeguard,secure, *Promotes- further the progress of (something, especially a cause, venture, or aim); support or actively encourage. --- Support this podcast:

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