99: World Championship Wins and Losses, Minimum Wage (Or Not) for Cyclists, and Beards Banned on Belgian Riders

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Recorded on September 27, 2017

Hosted by Kelley O’Toole

Co-Hosts: Chris Reynolds, Victor Prestinary, Tim Wilson and Justin Macias

Editing: Victor Prestinary and Chris Reynolds

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  • “It’s disheartening to hear his perspective, lamenting his efforts made in vain, not seeing any change.” [5:14]
  • “Gotta get some fresh blood in there.” [8:10]
  • “Last Sunday, Peter Sagan won World Championship Road Race. – a three-Peter.” [8:46]
  • “If you look at that finishing photo you can see how much more the bike was thrown between Kristof and Sagan.” [12:51]
  • “He’s able to so quickly process the information that he’s seeing… it’s an innate talent that allows that analysis to happen that gives him an advantage.” [14:00]
  • “I’m just glad [the Women’s Elite Race] was won in a solo break cause that’s always fun.” [15:36]
  • “There was one moment when [Dolan] passed and you could see into this gnarly cut – it was spine chilling.” [16:56]
  • “Maybe she was just trying to get to medical services as quickly as she could and she figured, ‘hey the bikes the quickest way to do that’.” [17:16]
  • “So basically what we’re saying is don’t swim or run, just ride your bike?”: [22:06]
  • “I would say the barriers to entry of a pure cycling race, prevent people from off the couch participating.” [23:47]
  • “The biggest takeaway from this is talk to your doctor. Talk to an expert that is licensed and able to give you a specific diagnosis, not just your ‘bro science’ from the guy at the shop that would love to sell you a tri bike or tri suit.” [29:44]
  • “I think when it is a collective group that is agreed up on it is different then when it is a government putting it on an entire populace.” [37:42]
  • “There was this program on Amazon, its called Half the Road and theres this whole thing where they talk about the women that are full time professionals and they have to have jobs to make ends meet. they get like 70,000 dollars a year for being a professional cyclists.” [38:26]
  • “With the men’s racing they have more leverage in their negotiations by potentially striking.” [41:53]
  • “I think the main story here is that women’s cycling has no minimum at all.” [44:11]
  • “It’s so incensing that it feels like the editorial board on the LA times concocted it.” [49:56]
  • “The idea that so cal is built for cars and using that comparatively to Amsterdam is completely naive of the fact of the age of these two areas. Southern California has had cars for such a short period of time compared to so many other places.” [50:30]
  • “I have a message for Bud Grubbs. Hey Bud, news flash the universe didn’t come into existence when you were born, okay? I don’t care what you were listening to in the car as a teenagers, before there were cars on roads, there were bikes on roads. and yes, in California, sir.” [51:33]
  • “Considering it’s a Belgian team wouldn’t they want more beards for their faces to be warmer during the classic seasons?” [1:00:07]
  • “I always though that snot and left-over food were just all apart of the experience.” [1:00:51]
  • “I’ve seen riders blow lugies into their hands and then wipe them on their bibs.” [1:01:43]
  • “Can we show each other pictures of beards that we think he might talking about?” [1:04:28]


Grigory Rodchenkov
Shane Perkins
Peter Sagan
Alexander Kristof
Chantal Blaak
Lauren Dolan
Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War
Brian Cookson
Half the Road
Brian Cookson
Ellen Noble
Bud Grubbs
Walter Planckaert
Chris Froome
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Hugh Hefner

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