Global markets at the limit (Part 2)


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Global growth looks set to rise in the first half of 2020. But rising income and wealth inequality and a surge in populism are testing limits across multiple dimensions. What does this mean for how we invest?

On this episode of The Bid, the second in a two-part series, we go behind the scenes at our Investment Forum to hear from thought leaders and investors on the path forward for global growth, the limits on monetary policy and interest rates, and what this means for stock and bond investors. We speak to Jean Boivin, Head of the BlackRock Investment Institute; Elga Bartsch, BII’s Head of Macro Research; Mike Pyle, BlackRock’s Chief Investment Strategist; Tom Parker, Chief Investment Officer of Systematic Fixed Income; Tony DeSpirito, Chief Investment Officer for Fundamental U.S. Active Equities; and Bob Miller, Head of Americas Fundamental Fixed Income.

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