Interviews with Songstress N‘Kenge and Singer/Songwriter D.K. Lyons


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On today's show we have Broadway actress N'Kenge and Alt-Pop Rocker D.K. Lyons.

First up is N.Kenge.

She's starring in the Tony nominated and Olivier Award winning musical

Caroline or Change.

N'Kenge is an Emmy nominated Pop-Soul Opera singer. She has starred in the Broadway musical, MOTOWN, as well as in Sondheim on Sondheim as the standby for Vanessa Williams.

She has starred in the title role of AIDA in the U.S. touring show. N'Kenge also has sung for NY Opera and performed with the Seattle Symphony and numerous other symphony orchestras around the globe.

See N'Kenge in Caroline or Change at Studio 54 in NYC.

This is a limited time production, until

January 9, 2022.

Get tickets at:

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Also on today's show is Alt-Pop Rocker D.K. Lyons and his featured song

'Katie In The Moment' from his HIT EP 'Vandalism'.

D.K. has been writing songs since the age of 5 and recording since the young age of 10. He got his first guitar at 8 and he's never looked back.

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