An 'It Chapter Two' Deep Dive, 'Joker' at Venice, and Big Winners at the Toronto International Film Festival | The Oscars Show


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'The Oscars Show' returns to read the tea leaves out of Venice and TIFF, including the shocking Golden Lion win for 'Joker'; the divisive reaction to 'Jojo Rabbit'; and the glorious rise of Jennifer Lopez, 'Hustlers' star and Academy Awards contender (1:09). Then Sean digs into this weekend's smash hit, 'It Chapter Two,' with a conversation about the making of the Stephen King saga with director Andy Muschietti (32:04). Finally, Jason Concepcion joins to talk about the challenges of adapting King's work and what 'It Chapter Two' had to sacrifice to make it to the big screen (69:46).

Hosts: Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins

Guests: Andy Muschietti and Jason Concepcion

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