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Patrick chats in the parlor with Katie Webb and Ty Gowen from Haunt ME, the paranormal web series. Get a sneak peek at Season 4, which drops on May 1st! Plus, hear about the use of tarot and altars in paranormal investigations, and some of the haunts from the great state of Maine! Visit BigSeance.com for more info!

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In this episode:

  • Episode Teaser :00
  • Intro 1:45
  • A brief introduction to Haunt ME. Season 4 will be released on May 1, 2017. 3:03
  • Pouring tea AND coffee for Katie Webb and Ty Gowen. 5:03
  • The web series genre and how the production of Haunt ME is so amazing without a big fancy network or production company. 6:33
  • The growth and honesty of the Haunt ME team! 10:54
  • The rest of the Haunt ME team and the story of how they were pulled together. 15:57
  • Ty is the team’s "tech analyst", Katie is the “occultist”. And more about the roles of the other two team members. 19:10
  • How is Haunt ME funded? Is there a tech crew behind the scenes? 22:07
  • ME = Maine. Get it? 26:55
  • Talking to Katie about spirit communication, and using tarot and altars in paranormal investigations. Also, crystals and potions! 27:18
  • Ty’s journey of accepting and adopting Katie's magic, and more on the legend of Seguin Island. 31:35
  • Stories and experiences from the Seguin Island investigation, as well as the Greater Rumford Community Center (GRCC) from Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2. 35:45
  • Does Katie recommend the Ouija board? Also, pendulums and more on tarot. 40:55
  • Ty’s favorite tools and other tech, plus Patrick gets goose bumps with Ty's philosophy of using tech to reach out in paranormal investigations. 43:31
  • Advice to young people looking to get into the field of the paranormal. Plus Katie explains her views on the Ouija board. 49:24
  • The Haunt ME rating scale. 55:28
  • Another cool Ouija story and a “UTI"! 58:39
  • More on haunted locations in Maine, and why are some of the locations untouchable? 1:01:40
  • How to support the efforts of Haunt ME. 1:04:00
  • More about what’s coming up in Season 4! Sounds like we’re going to get to see Greg and Dana Newkirk, Chip Coffey, and Grant Wilson this season! 1:06:50

  • A special dedicated #Paranerd Hashtag. 1:21:00
  • Outro 1:22:07
  • The Selfie Outtake 1:23:45

Ty Gowen

Katie Webb

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