Travis Sanders on Psychic Kids, Spiritualism, and Support for Millennials - The Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #102

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Clairvoyant medium, Travis Sanders, sits down with Patrick for a conversation about psychic kids, Spiritualism, and support for today's young people. Plus his book, I Am Psychic, So Are You!: A Clairvoyant Handbook. Visit for more info.

In this episode:

  • Episode Teaser :00
  • Intro 1:18
  • Welcome to the parlor, Travis Sanders! 3:09
  • Travis was featured on Psychic Kids with Chip Coffey when he was 19, but he was working as a medium even before that. 5:08
  • Growing up psychic and getting an early start working at psychic fairs 7:31
  • Travis has a passion for helping psychic kids. 12:35
  • Is there a spiritual purpose for people who are born on the autism spectrum? 14:25
  • Are all children born with a greater ability to communicate with the Other Side? And is there truth to the theory that children lose that ability as they grow up? 16:09
  • Travis does a lot of Facebook LIVE videos. He speaks often about Spiritualism, spirit communication tools, and Lily Dale. 17:47
  • Just like the famous Scole group, Travis has a glass dome for development circles, and they meet regularly. (Patrick has since obtained his own glass dome.) 21:22
  • Travis is very honest about what he feels is likely to be fraudulent in Spiritualism or mediumship. Plus, why do we not have much evidence of physical phenomena like ectoplasm in mediumship in our lifetime? 23:38
  • The Gordon Higginson lineage 28:13
  • The Fox Sisters 29:20
  • What is life like on the Other Side? Is it all that different? 30:58
  • Can you design and build your own home on the Other Side? 32:35
  • Twin Flames, angels, and reincarnation. Are these things real? 34:39
  • Wisdom for Millennials and what older generations need to understand. 36:30
  • The BEST part of being psychic medium Travis Sanders 41:24
  • The WORST part of being psychic medium Travis Sanders 43:30
  • Travis’s book, I Am Psychic, So Are You!: A Clairvoyant Handbook 44:48
  • Upcoming events and where to find Travis 47:03
  • International Podcast Day is September 30th! 49:04
  • Highlights from my recent LIVE video with previous guest Ash Riley in the Big Seance Parlor on Facebook. 49:29
  • Outro 58:40

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Travis Sanders on Facebook

Travis's book, I Am Psychic, So Are You!: A Clairvoyant Handbook

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