619: Creative Liberty Vs Regulation: Tandav Web Show Revives Old Debate


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Just 24 hours after premiering on 15 January, Amazon Prime’s original web series —Tandav landed straight into a controversy.
After a fuming Twitterati demanded a ban on the show over the depiction of Hindu gods claiming that it hurts Hindu sentiments, the makers of the show are now looking at 4 police cases.
The cases include FIRs filed against 96 people associated with the show alleging that the web series is “provoking communal disharmony and hurts the sentiments of Hindus.”
Outrage over the series - expressed forcefully by BJP leaders- has also led to Mumbai Police increasing security outside two of Amazon India's office in the city and the residence of Saif Ali Khan, the lead actor in the show.
But even after an apology issued by creators of the show, there is now a team of four police personnel in Mumbai from Lucknow for investigation following the registration of a case against the makers at the Hazratganj police station.
What kind of questions does the whole backlash against the show raise about self-regulation and censorship in the digital content space? Tune in to The Big Story!
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Udhbhav Tiwari, Public Policy Advisor at Mozilla
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