How To Create A Niche Podcast That Builds And Empowers Investing Women With Moneeka Sawyer Of The Real Estate Investing For Women Podcast


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There are many paths you can take to monetize a podcast, even if you’re serving a tightly-defined niche. After more than 200 episodes at Real Estate Investing For Women Podcast, real estate investor Moneeka Sawyer proves that it can be done if you have the passion, perseverance and just the right bit of know-how. She may be passionate about it now, but she hated podcasting at the get-go. When she saw how dramatically increased traffic to her mastermind, she was sold. Now that the mastermind’s off the table, she is using affiliate links to get sponsorships. In this interview with Tracy Hazzard, you will learn that when you just come from a place of authenticity and curate content to help out a specific niche, karmic forces will make sure your production costs are covered, at the very least. Known in her circles as the Blissful Investor, Moneeka is full of energy and reeks of the passion she has for empowering women. You are going to enjoy this episode.

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