How to Irresistibly Make Heart the Podcast Focus of Your Life Coaching Business - On-Air Coaching with Louis Morris, Host of The Heart Matters


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Often, great coaches work from the heart, especially since coaching is such an intimate practice where people choose to be vulnerable with you. Louis Morris has made the heart the center of his coaching business. Through his podcast, The Heart Matters, he has been helping people who want to have it all in their relationships, including their spiritual lives. In this episode, he joins Tracy Hazzard for on-air coaching to gain insights on how to irresistibly make the podcast focus of a coaching business. They talk about soft selling, utilizing intros and outros the right way, setting the tone of the episode through guest introductions, bringing benevolence to the show, and investing deeply in our audience's success. Tune into this conversation for more and learn how the heart matters in podcasting and coaching.

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