Meaningful Podcast Marketing With A Focus On Reasons And Not ROI With Shiv Gaglani Of The Raise The Line Podcast


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Raise the Line is not just a podcast. It is a brand. It is a name that is associated with a definite service in the healthcare education industry. Holding the mike as host of this incredibly successful podcast is Shiv Gaglani, the Cofounder and CEO of, a platform that leads the way in developing innovative and scalable solutions in the fields of healthcare education. Joining Tracy Hazzard for a chat, he relates how they use podcasting as an extension of their brand message at Osmosis and how they are constantly recycling and repurposing content to achieve maximum impact. Shiv and the rest of the Osmosis team take podcasting seriously as a part of their corporate messaging and content strategy. Listen in and learn why this podcast is so bingeable and why it will outlast this pandemic.

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