Podcast Funnel Automation and Guest Connection with Chad Burmeister of The AI for Sales Podcast With Chad Burmeister


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In this day and age, automation has become a business asset, helping owners and their teams alike streamline their processes and be more efficient. Yet, many are still on the fence around AI, believing that it takes humanity out of the process. However, this episode’s guest, Chad Burmeister, has proved that using AI does not have to be that way. As the host of AI for Sales Podcast, he has brought the humanity and human outcome focus, having set up a sales automation process to do guest booking for his show. He joins Tracy Hazzard to share with us how he is using a podcast funnel automation for guest connection and how he is setting his podcast up to sell the services in his business. What is more, Chad talks about ScaleX.ai and how it provides sales professionals with the toolkit to crush their quotas and more.

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