Shift Your Show Format to Create Social Media Growth and Funnel Lead Generation - On-Air Podcast Coaching with Chris Larsen of The Next-Level Income Show


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When you are past that startup stage of your show, growing from twelve to 25 episodes with a full feed, what then? How do you take your show to the next level? Tracy Hazzard has someone who is doing it in both his business and podcast. She sits down with Chris Larsen, the host of The Next-Level Income Show and Founding and Managing Partner of Next-Level Income. Tracy lets us in on her coaching session with Chris where they discuss the things you need to think about when upleveling or “next-leveling” your show—from turning down the wrong guests to make room for the right ones, to doing intros, the actual interviews, and transitions. They then talk about how you need to shift your show format to create social media growth and funnel lead generation, taking us to some content-building strategies and a whole lot more.

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