The Essential (And Really Effective) Podcast Guest Skills No One Taught You With Best-Selling Author Of The Career Toolkit, Mark Herschberg


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Aside from podcasters having to maintain their own engaging show, another important task they must also dive into is getting guesting opportunities to other podcasts. Since this calls for proper planning and research, Mark Herschberg shares his secrets in honing his podcast guest skills. Joining Tracy Hazzard, the best-selling author of The Career Toolkit talks about how he successfully secured guesting stints in 99 different interviews, all without landing into a show that doesn't align with him. He discusses how building a vast network plays a huge role in this endeavor, which is now a lot easier with today's virtual setting. Mark also explores the essential podcasting strategies every host must know, from executing the best marketing approach, choosing the right target audience, and determining the most effective technical setup.

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