EP 217: Leading Lyme Treatments, Cell Membranes, and Mold with Michelle McKeon


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Michelle McKeon is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Mold Practitioner who specializes in environmental toxins, tick-borne diseases, gut dysbiosis, and inflammatory issues. She has been guiding both local and long-distance clients through exploring mold mycotoxins, genetic/methylation issues, heavy metals, tick-borne infections, cell membrane damage, parasites and viral infections, candida, dental issues, diet, and gut flora.

She owns a Nutrition Practice, Balancing Pathways, and is the Head of the Lyme Nutrition Program at LifeSpan medicine. She also is the owner of Lyme and Cancer Services, where she is a Hyperthermia Consultant and works as a liaison scheduling patients to hospitals offering hyperthermia treatment.

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