13: Episode 13: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)


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Take a bite: This week we discuss the Internet phenomenon Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) with Melinda Lauw, a Singaporean artist, curator and performance creator based in San Francisco who also runs a live ASMR theatrical experience. We start the podcast with a discussion on what stimulates our hosts. The hosts also try ASMR for the first time with guidance from Melinda Lauw. Finally, we close the show by answering questions from Pillow Tok—a conversational card game.


Our regular hosts Anita Kapoor (speaker and TV personality), Debra Langley (fashion and tech consultant), and Norman Tan (editor-in-chief of Esquire Singapore) share what they've been up to since the last podcast.

06:56—"Coffee Catch Up"

The hosts discuss their thoughts on what stimulates them in a lead up to the main topic of the day—ASMR.

16:01—"Fresh off the grill"

Feature segment with a new guest each podcast.

For this episode, we invited Melinda Lauw, a Singaporean artist, curator and performance creator based in San Francisco.

Melinda is the co-creator of Whisperlodge, an immersive spa for the senses. Combining her interests in immersive theatre and ASMR, Whisperlodge is based on the idea of providing ASMR in a live, one-to-one environment, translating the work of ASMRtists on Youtube, into a tangible, physical performance. Melinda and Whisperlodge was featured in Episode 1 of the Netflix Series—Follow This.

For more information on Melinda and Whisperlodge, please visit whisperlodge.nyc.

41:00—ASMR demonstration

Do not turn up your volumes as the the hosts try out ASMR for the first time under the guidance of Melinda. Hear them make sounds with a pair of latex gloves, make up brush, bubble wrap and many more every day items.

51:00—"Last call of the day"

This week with the help of Melinda, we answer questions from Pillow Tok—the latest rendition of Smol Tok, a conversation card game on love and relationships.

For more information on Pillow Tok, please visit starknicked.com.


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