#1018 Camper Sprays Wife with Bear Spray, Thought it Worked Like Bug Spray


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An elderly couple busted out of a secure assisted living facility by using Morse code... A woman walking her dogs in Colorado died in a suspected bear attack… A woman is in custody with multiple arson charges following a house fire where she was sitting in a chair outside the burning house... A gamer was found dead after an all-night session with gaming controller in hand… Mason Shrader has been fired less than a week after getting his radio station’s logo tattooed on him... A customer thought bear spray worked like bug spray and spayed his wife and ended up hospitalizing her... A man was rescued after a tree fell during high winds and trapped him in a portable toilet... A vehicle owner shot and killed a man after he insulted his car... A warning that fires from mulch and landscape materials can easily spread after a home went up in flames...

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